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Western Hats

Shane's H Bar V in Harrisonburg, VA, is your go-to for high-quality western hats. With offerings from brands like Stetson, Atwood, and Bailey, we can help you find your dream hat and make sure it fits perfectly. Our experienced team will help you with fit and recommendations, and we can even steam fit it to your head shape

Our Hat Brands

Stetson Hat Photo.jpg


Founded in 1865, Stetson was born from the spirit of the West and grew to become an American icon. John B. Stetson’s friendly gesture towards a wayward traveler on the new frontier gave birth to the world's first “cowboy hat.” Ever since, Stetson has been a global leader in headwear, a trusted household name around the world, and has become standard equipment for Western aficionados everywhere.



Formed in 1996, Atwood Hat Company was originally housed in a 12-by-16-foot portable building on Dick and Sharon Atwood’s ranch. The company has since grown to become a leader in the western hat industry.​


Born out of necessity, Atwood Hat Company sprang forth because of Dick’s constant search for a hat that would work as hard as he did and still look good enough to wear to town after the workday was done.

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Not just anyone can pull off a Bailey hat. You have to have that certain something. 
A code of character, a strong sense of self-running so deep it can be seen in the way you carry yourself.
That certain something is integrity. 



You can get through anything with Outback along for the ride. You can be out in the wilderness, working on the ranch, fishing, camping, or stuck behind a desk, just longing to do all those things. Whatever happens along the way, Outback’s got your back. Our high-quality wears work as hard as you do and lasts even longer in a time when it seems like nothing ever lasts like it used to.

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Stormy Kromer

Since 1903, the Stormy Kromer brand has come to embody the independence, wit and grit of the upper Midwest.

It all started with a cap. George “Stormy” Kromer, a semi-pro baseball player and railroad engineer, kept losing his hat on the train. He asked his wife, Ida, to sew an earband on his favorite ball cap to keep his ears warm and the hat snug. It worked.

Over the past century, many brands have come and gone, yet we’ve survived and thrived — thanks to the adventurers, the workers, the dreamers, and all the excellent people who value style, durability, and a sense of fun.

You turned a simple wool cap into an icon and the cornerstone of a brand that remains fresh and authentic more than a century after Ida’s very first stitch.

Charlie 1 Horse

Charlie 1 Horse Hat Company makes western fashion hats that break the mold. It reaches a wide variety of people by offering felt and straw styles of funky fedoras, fun crushable hats, old west hats and unique western styles. Walking the red carpet or runway? Stealing the stage in Nashville? Competing in sharp shooting? Need to shade your head with style at the beach? Just want to flaunt your individuality? In any case, Charlie 1 Horse has a style for you at a truly affordable price. Since 1978, Charlie 1 Horse has manufactured a variety of exceptional hand fashioned headwear.

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