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Discover the exceptional collection of saddles at Shane's H Bar V, featuring both our premium handmade saddles, proudly crafted in the USA, and a wide selection of high-quality used saddles. With a commitment to comfort, durability, and style, our skilled artisans combine traditional techniques and modern innovation to create the perfect saddle for every equestrian enthusiast. Browse our range and find the ideal saddle to elevate your riding experience, no matter your budget or preference.

Handmade Saddles

Handmade Saddles

A lot of thought and ideas have been put into creating a saddle that works for everyone. We all ride and put all our thoughts together into creating these saddles.
We offer several styles, Wade, ranch cutter, cow horse, cutting, A Fork, and barrel. Our trail saddles offer a flex tree option. We can also go up to an 18-inch seat. American-made materials!
These are not mass-produced!

Used Saddles

We know that not everyone can afford a new saddle. That is why we offer a great selection of high-quality used saddles at a more affordable price. 

Used Saddles Harrisonburg VA
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